English test and some administrative work

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After I received the acceptance letter, I were told to upload relevant documents so the school could process student card and the administrative process.

So, so far, I have uploaded documents like ID to ensure my identity, picture of myself for use on the student card, transcript of records from my current studies and other official documents related to health and security.

I have also had to complete an english test. This is to measure my level of the language. This is graded from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, where A1 is lowest and C2 the highest. The reason for measuring my level is two-fold. 1) To be certain that I will be able to follow classes and general school-related information. 2) to see if my English improve during the stay. I did score C2 on all sections except C1 for one section.

The next step on my way is to find an apartment. This will be a process somewhat different than Norway. One of the big differences is that rentals are done per month in Germany, but in Norway, this is usually performed with a contract for a specific amount of time. Usually 1 year or more. Of course, this does not apply for exchange students only being in Norway for 1 semester.

I have also spoken with people about going to Berlin. As I have never been in Berlin myself, they all keep saying I am going to love it(!). I just hope my expectations for Berlin isn’t too high, thus making me becoming disappointed for some reason. Just like when a movie are being talked up in the clouds and when you see it yourself, you just thinks everyone exaggerated.

Next post will probably more about finding a place to stay and the process around it.

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    1. Thanks Thomas! I figured out that creating a blog is a good way for writing English throughout the year and prepare myself for the master thesis next spring.

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