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Hi Blog,

It’s been a while since my last update. Writing (longer texts) on my mobile phone is not something I’m particularly used to and with limited access to the internet (yet) in my apartment it is somewhat challenging to make good updates. I am sorry for this.

However, I will give some updates on my life in Berlin.

I am used to living a hectic life with many activities side-by-side and Berlin is somewhat different on this. Last semester, I ended having too many activities which became restraining for me. I decided during the summer that my time in Berlin won’t suffer the same challenges (and so far I’m good). However, life isn’t just chill. I have 13 subjects and my part-time job in a startup company.

About a month ago, I joined ANSA (Association for Norwegian Students Abroad) to expand my network with other Norwegians here in Berlin. I also decided to seek on the board for ANSA East Germany and the result became that I am vice president of the board. This must not be mixed with being part of ANSA Germany. The board I am part of, only arrange activities for Berlin and surrounding areas.

The apartment

I promised to write something about my apartment in the last update. As mentioned in a previous article, I decided to hire an apartment via an agency called Home to Home Berlin. The advantage is the apartment is fully furnished. Bedsheets, towels, kitchen equipment for cooking food etc. is available in the apartment. Almost like a hotel, but longer term.

The apartment is located in a district called Wilmersdorf. It is a quiet place with mostly older people in it (as one of the international coordinators said: It’s an old-people-place). The benefit of this place is that it’s close to almost everything. Want to walk to school? Takes 25 mins. Want to go to someplace in the city, no problem. The subway brings me where I need with one or two changes.


I currently attend a German-class provided by the school and even though I’m not much of a speaker, I have a better understanding of the language. I say to people I meet that I am like a baby with an understanding of grammar. However, I feel the pace is somewhat slow and have decided to attend a more intensive course after new-year. I do want to be able to speak some German before I head back to Norway.

I will try to make an update soon (at least not as long as the previous update).

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