Oh, hey blog (week 49)

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Hey, dear (forgotten?) blog.

It has now been too long since my last update (1 month). My original excuse for not having internet in the apartment is no longer valid. It might not sound like a big deal, but being without internet (for me) for 2 months was actually challenging, but at the same time somewhat nice. I don’t understand how people are only able to use a mobile phone for internet. However, I began reading some books, which is not really typical me but I must say I actually enjoyed it! I read the book by Simon Sinek named “Start with Why – How great leaders inspire everyone to take action” and the biography about Steve Jobs. I have now started on the biography on Elon Musk and another book named “TED Talks – the official TED guide to public speaking”.

So you might wonder what I have done the last month since the last blog post? I’m glad you asked! I have actually done a variety of activities.

With ANSA, we have done a few activities like a shuffleboard tournament and Christmas party with a good dinner! Both activities were really fun and I really like what we are doing. For Norwegians studying abroad, I would really recommend ANSA for several reasons. 1) Usually, people are in the same situation as yourself and it makes it easy to make a good connection and creates a safety net of people. 2) They have insurance that covers events that could occur and the even have a legal department, so if you get unlucky and having problems with school, work or other instances, they can most probably help you. 3) The activities are usually fun and cost a lot less for members of ANSA, so you’ll easily save in the cost if you attend several activities during a year. 4) If you become a member of the board, it’s a really good experience and way of learning how to plan events as well as sitting on a board.

I have also been standing at the Christmas market for the Swedish and Norwegian church (on behalf of ANSA) which was an interesting event. On the Christmas market, you could buy some groceries and traditional items from the two countries. There was also traditional food sold there. Seeing the expressions of German trying Norwegian waffle with brown cheese was really nice! Most people became fascinated and really liked the caramelized taste of the cheese.

I have been a few places for partying. Some places were pubs and some other places were clubs, and I don’t mean club like you find in Norway where the music consists of playlists with the top 40s. Berlin is known for their electronica and trance and some of the places I have visited was a whole another level! It’s hard to explain the difference, but people, in general, aren’t there to be drunk. Instead, they are there to enjoy the music and have fun. The same clubs have temperatures which make it possible to stay for quite some time compared to Norway where it’s turned up so people buy more to drink. You then feel like asking if I have been to the famous club called “Berghain” and the short answer for that is no. I know several people who have tried and all of them have been rejected by the security guards. But some cool places I have been to is “Ritter Butzke” and “Kater Blau”! Definitely clubs worth checking out if you ever come to Berlin.

I promised to write something about the apartment I currently live in. As mentioned in the previous blog, it is located in a traditional and quiet place west in Berlin. The apartment itself is a traditionally constructed apartment with really high ceilings. I believe it’s 4 meters from the floor to the roof, which makes the room to feel quite big and spacious. The size is 45 square meters, which is more than sufficient for me, but the interesting part is that most apartments in Berlin up to around 50 square meters tend to be one-room apartments. This is, for me anyway, quite unusual. The floors are made of wood in an old-fashioned pattern (like this image). It is also a minimalist style of interior, which is different from most apartments I have seen here in Berlin. The typical interior design tends to be focused on what is nice and needed to have in order to store everything. I am not sure what more to write about the apartment at the moment. If I come up with some idea, I will write in the next post.

However, as Christmas gets closer, it means that I also have exams on the horizon. My first exam is already tomorrow (Monday 11th of December) in German.

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